Writer's Block: Transmogrified
If you could transform into any object for 24 hours, what would it be, and why?

I would transform into my boyfriend's bed cause then i could be with him at night.

Wow I Posted Again............Well This Is Out Of Character
Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My pplz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (looks around readers are back) Woooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew not all of you could leave ha ha ha. (Pulls out cage with back up readers) All right you guys are free now. jk  But anyways something happened to me the other day readers and I feel. Yes I feel I should share it with you guys/girls. 

Basically yesterday readers I was chillin with my home girl out in the city and on the way back my friend stops in the bank to pay me back some money. Well in to 2 to 3 seconds i find out I'm not getting my money back and I'm like cool, alright, lets catch the bus. So we exit the bank and this guy with his 2 goons I mean friends stops in front of my friend with his arm extended. So in my mind I'm like what the hell is going on. My friend starts walking to the bus and now theirs one guy on her left and two guys on her right leaving me in the back. And in my brain I'm thinking oh snap is sh!t bout to go down cause I can't hear nothing these guys are saying to my friend. So I tap my friend on the shoulder and I say do you know these guys. And she says no. So now I'm getting in battle ready mode. Am I really gonna have to take down three guys today.......F*@k. So I look at the guy and say who is you? And he says oh is this ur girlfriend, you gay. I'm like nigga I'm not gay. Then his boy, dis fat dude, say oh she just jealous cause u hollered at her pretty friend here and not her. In my head I'm thinking did this nigga just call me ugly?So I'm like I gotta a boyfriend. I just don't appreciate you stepping up to her like that. And the guy is like okay okay. Then the little group starts to walk away. Then the fat guy says Yo I hate when girls be getting jealous and ruining sh!t. So later on my friend tells me the guy was being polite and respectful to her and she didn't realize that I was in back of her. WHAT THE F*@K! You couldn't have told me that earlier when I was playing Texas Ranger. I thought you were being disrespected, robbed, raped, etc. And you couldn't have givin me a heads up that I was being a complete and utter b@#ch. Common!!!!! Well moral of the story my pplz don't step in if you're not asked to, at least in this situation. Smdh.

So for my segment today I'm asking myself a question. Q: What do you do when you accidentally cock blocked?

Answer: Basically, you do nothing if you can't go back and apologize. Let's not forget to pray you never see these guys again or at least hope they don't remember your face. 

Well thats all for today. Missing my boo as usual. :( He's not feeling well. But anyways Happy Holidays my pplz. 


Writer's Block: Eye for an eye?
If you bumped into someone who regularly picked on you as a child, what would you say to them?

I would say hi b#@ch. What's poppin? Yea I ain't a passivist no more. If you think the same thing that happened last time is going to happen this time. (Cracks knuckles) Think again. lol

IS SHE BACK!?!?!?!?!
 Yo my readers. (Looks around, sees no one) Dang guess all my readers bailed. Well anyways I decided to write today. Why? I don't know. I don't even know if I'm gonna keep writing after this but hey I'm on now so lets work on the now not the future. One day at a time and all that good sh*t. I think things got even more complicated in my life. So I have decided just sitting here not doing anything is no good, so better off be a "productive" person. I would ask how you've been but I think all my readers went to go read some other persons rant in my long absents. Guess I'll just lay down a poem.

Beating Blood

It gushes everywhere
I can't stop the love I fear 
It brings me happiness 
Just sit there and accept it

Take out my gushing heart 
Rip it in two
Erase the dark side
Make it a new

Let me live in peace
No more despair
Let me love you
I need you here

Don't let me go
Don't let me fall 
Let the warmth flow
As I lie in your arms

My place is at your side
Don't let yourself die
Or I'll shatter like glass
And be left in sadness

I would like to think it was a chill poem but hey if it's bad then it's bad and if it's good then it's good. Ewww. I sound all indifferent like a politician dodging questions. Guess I'm getting old. Oh yea speaking of questions I almost forgot my segment "Dumb Questions That Girls Ask About Relationships." Dang I should get a shorter name. One more catchy. But I'll worry about that later. Here's today's question.

Q: I met this guy. And we we're never officially bf and gf but I felt like we were and then out of the blue he just stopped calling and showing up. Why would he do that?

Answer: Well chick, basically in a nonchalant way you're friend with a couple of benefits, cause that what that guy was, decided to monopolize. In other words he saw a chick that was probably a. dumber than you or b. prettier than you or c. a combination of both and decided I need to go hit that so instead of tying up his loose ends,ie you, he just didn't say anything and went for another girl that will, give him whatever you weren't. Now that you know what has occurred let's get to the reason why he did it, don't worry it wont take to long. Basically he did this cause he's a jerk thats horny. I'm personally sorry chick that out of all the fish in the sea you caught the pretty one that smells like crap. I'm sure you'll find another one happy fishing. 

Well my pplz (or what's left of yall) I'm gonna go study for finals. Yea I'm a procrastinator, what it is. Catch yall on the flip side. (Whatever side that is lol) 

Why Does S#*t Always Happen To Me
 Sorry its been a while readers. I've been having personal problems that need to be cleared up so I wont be writing for awhile. I might lay down an occasional poem but thats about it for now. Talk to you when I talk to you. Bye readers.

My Family Has Over Stayed Their Welcome

Crowding around me
Breathing all my air 
Taking all my space
Back Up 
Back Away
I need oxygen 
Speaking all at a time
Filling me with ideas 
Not of my own design 
Step away 
Break away
Get out of my mind
No privacy
No place of my own
This is not my home
Can't Breathe
No air
Too close
Please listen
I enjoy my own company 

Got To Keep It Rolling
 Well it seems I have some new readers and as the gentle woman I am let me take this time to formally introduce myself my name is Oh. Okay just in case you didn't get that joke its a reference to a Jay Z song. Well how are you new readers? How's life? Probably a b@#ch and if so I hear you and I hope it gets better. At least your not dead right? I hope you enjoy my posts and will try my damn hardest to make you all laugh alright. Okay. Well lets move on to today's segment. If you haven't read the post before this I have started a new segment where I answer questions that woman ask about relationships. If you want to ask a question in comment form then feel free to. I'm an open person and love to hear the ideas of other people. Well lets get started shall we.

Today's Question is: I want my man to stay with me but all he wants is sex. I'm not ready but he's ready to leave if I don't. What do I do?

Well here is what I think you should do. I think you should march up to your man tell him to turn around so you could shove your dainty well manicured foot up his ass. What you mean he's ready to leave if you don't give him sex. You are the woman. (No offense to you guys. You know I'm usually on your side but I got to be truthful here.) It's your body. So if you don't want to do something  then just don't do it. If he wants to walk then make sure the door hits him in the ass on the way out. Number 2 if he is leaving because he's not getting any and he isn't married to you then what are doing with a bastard like that in the first place. If he loves you he should sit his ass down and wait for you. And at this point you're probably thinking but I love him I don't want to see him go. Well unless he needs sex to live then he don't love you. Look there are other fish in the sea as cliche as that sounds. You will find a man that can wait for you. Okay. I'm not trying to be Opera here. I'm just trying to be real. Listen don't listen it is all up to  you. 

Well now that the segment is out of the way I would like to address something that I found quite interesting. On Facebook there is a button you can press that says your in a relationship. But I have recently discovered (yes I'm slow on the young hip things even though I'm young myself and yes I know its sad) that you can add complicated to that. So you can say you're in a relationship and its complicated. Well to this I say there is always counseling. But seriously okay its complicated all right see now I'm concerned so I hit you up and say what's wrong because the word complicated and relationship in the same sentence just isn't good. So then you hit me back up and say I don't want to talk about it. Really?.................................you don't want to talk about it.........................................You see this is where we run into some problems. Like why did you just waste my time. If your going to post somethings wrong (i.e complicated) then the least you can do is tell me what's wrong. You were better off just saying you're in a relationship because either way you still have a complicated relationship and no one knows why it is. In conclusion reader, what I am trying to say is don't post your problems if your not going to talk about it. It's pretty much like you not posting the problem in the first place. Nothing has been resolved. Nothing has been fixed. We're still at square one. 

Well that's all for tonight. Crap its morning already. Then I take that back. Have a great morning readers. Ttyl my pplz. Thanks for listening to my rambling for another night/morning lol.

I Had Time TO Kill.......New Segment
 The emotional necessity that is brought on by the joining of two souls is quite the interesting display. I wonder why when both souls are a part why they have to yearn to be together? Why must a half crave to be whole? Why can't it just be happy as it is? Its probably because being a whole gave that half a happiness that the half had never experienced before. Probably this happiness could  not be felt by doing anything else or being with anyone else except with that other half. Maybe the short feeling of pure happiness filled an emptiness the half had since it came into existence. What an interesting opinion? But it can never be a fact or can it? Why do I say it can be an opinion and a fact? Well not all halves should be whole. Well so many halves join together however they don't fit right. Some too small, some too big, some too jagged, some too round and etc. So those halves that never find their whole would think my hypothesis is purely opinion based. 

Well thats all I came up with. I was bored and had time to kill before a party started so I started writing on my phone. I got so into it I hadn't really noticed the people who had began standing and sitting next to me lol. Well I hope you liked or found it weird or whatever. 

Haven't written for a while. Well to my readers. Sorry but at the same time after my last pathetic post u can see that I didn't know what to write and didn't feel like writing for the most part. Well now I do sort of so hey I'm writing. 

I have decided to introduce a new segment. It's called...........wait for it.............wait for it......................................wait for it................lol okay let me stop playing...........It's called Dumb Question Girls Ask About Relationships.

Today's question is How do I break up with a guy? I don't want to hurt his feelings. 

Well heres my take on that. You tell him the truth whatever it may be. 

For Example: Hey Phil I don't love you anymore, its over. 
Example#2 (less harsh): You cheated on me. I'm gone. 
Example #3: I'm in love with another man. 
Example #4:  You don't show the effort you use to in the start of this relationship and you have made no move to try so I'm leaving. Hope you find another girl that can deal with you. 

Now don't do the following.

Example#1: Its not you its me. (We all know thats BS)
Example#2: I can't trust you anymore I think you're cheating. (We all know you're the one thats really cheating)
Example #3: I'm moving and I don't like long distance relationships. ( You were better off telling the truth)
Example #4: You can do so much better than me (We all know that we probably can but we had picked you so why you bailing for?)

Well I hope my answers were helpful to my readers. I'm done for tonight. So ttyl my pplz. 

Hey readers. Whats up? How you've been? I've been pretty good. I'm not dead or starving or dying or disease written or lonely so I'm definitely pretty good. I truthfully don't know what to write today. I'm not in some spiraling emotional roller coaster. I'm not depressed. I'm not disappointed. I'm not exactly sure what I am right now lol. Well I can say I'm practical for the most part but practical isn't an emotion so that doesn't count. I don't feel blank or do I. I don't think so lol. I feel happy but I can't say that because I'm not completely happy. I can't say I'm sad because I'm not. I'm not bouncy. I'm kind of sluggish actually. Maybe I'm tired. That's probably it I'm a little tired. I did have a long day. Well I'm partly happy, partly tired and partly something else. Hmmmm what could it be? That something else bothers me. Am I angry? I don't think so. Am I worried over what I don't know. So I don't think so either. What an interesting guessing game lol. Am I uncomfortable maybe I don't know. So I'm partly happy, partly tired, and partly uncomfortable. Hmmmm say it ain't so. Okay I should stop rhyming yo. Its kind of creeping me out lol. 

Well thats all for today. Seems my mind is a blank slate. *shrugs* oh well. Nitez my pplz. 

Writer's Block: Pleasure, little treasure
Are there any sentimental objects that you've kept for many years? Are there any that you bring with you wherever you go?

Yea actually I do. My aunt from england gave me this pillow when I was little. It has a whole bunch of cute animals on it and it spells my name out in script. I don't bring it everywhere but I have it in my room and never sleep without it. I guess I keep it around because I really loved my aunt. She always went to Africa and would bring me something or tell me stories when ever she came. She stopped coming when i grew older so I guess I kept it to remind me of her. 


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