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Father's Day Tribute

 Hey readers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT.........IS............HAPPENING?!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay enough of that excitement lets get to the point of my reason for posting. Well as you may know readers father's day is a couple hours away and I got somethings that I would like to say for all the fathers out there. 

If you are one of those fathers that is always there for your kids, picked up from school, read them a bedtime story, scared off any potential suitors then all I gotta say is good shit. You're doing what your suppose to do and that is how it should be. It's fathers like you that keep their sons but mainly daughters in check and for that you deserve a pat on the back.

If you are one of those fathers that never were there for their kid neither physically or mentally then do me a favor and go fuck yourself. Why do you even exist you selfish bastards? You are the reason for most of the kids in this world that turn into thugs or criminals. So thank you guys for not keeping your dick in your pants and fuckin the world up for the rest of us.

And finally if you are that father that's physically there but all you contribute is money and no attention or love then why are you still there? Your just like any other guy who pays child support its just that you're there so your kids can see how much you really don't give a shit about them. 

(Yea readers it just got real) So happy mother fuckin father's day!!!!!!!!! Hope urs doesn't blow as much as mine will. 


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